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Super Clouds (14 Loops) 4K

Super Clouds (14 Loops) 4K

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14 Cloud VJ loops.  Taking on a form somewhere between a gas and a liquid. Maybe this new substance is called Super Clouds?

  • 4K & 1080 HD @ 30 fps

  • Formats: ProRes 4444 MOV, MP4, DXV3, HAP

  • Alpha Layers (Transparent Backgrounds)

  • Drag & drop the loops into the video editor of your choice: Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, Resolume, VDMX, Adobe Premiere, VLC, and most other editing programs.

  • License covers you for PERSONAL & COMMERCIAL Projects: Music Videos, Streaming, Spotify Canvases, Social Media, VJ Sets and Live Performances.

  • Save time in the editing room with animated loops.

  • Save money. Animated Loops cost $79 (USD) when purchased individually on Shutterstock - get Loops for a fraction of the standard price.

This was a TEDIOUS pack to make!

For reference, I roughed out one cloud loop that was 120 frames in a day, so I figured the clean up and color would take 3 – 4 days. But the shading alone took 40 hours on this one loop!
Clouds make for great background assets, or to show off front and center in your compositions.

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