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Custom Loop

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Please email me with subject line "Custom Loop" before ordering to discuss your Loop idea:

When you order, I'll contact you directly via the email you enter at checkout.

What You'll Get

- High Quality 1080p & 4K Videos

- Formats: ProRes 4444 MOV, HAP, DXV3 MP4 (please email if other formats are needed).

- Alpha Channel (transparent background so you can overlay the video loop).

- Animation clip length will be a few seconds, but can be looped indefinitely.

- License covers Personal and Commercial use 

- Promotion (optional): Shout out / tagged posts on my social channels with a link to where you want people to find you.

- FREE Bonus: Spinning Record Loop

I'll send you work-in-progress along each stage of the process to make sure you're happy with how it's coming along and make any simple revisions if needed. This way we can avoid edits (it's hard to edit frame-by-frame animation after it's finished).

Stages of the Process:

1. Concept Sketch

2. Rough Animation

3. Clean Up

4. Color

Important Notes:

This service is for SIMPLE Loops only. If it takes more than one sentence to describe the action of the loop, then it is likely too complicated.

The loop should be a single motion of a simple action (bat flying, bubble growing and shrinking, cartoon character jumping up and down, etc).

The animation loop can be based on your written idea, or even a picture of an original design, character or mascot you have. For example, if you wanted a character doing a simple dance, it would be helpful to have video reference of the dance.

*Copyright: You are free to use the animation loop however you like - commercial or hobby use - while I maintain rights to the animation for the function of repurposing, remixing, or selling in VJ Packs. 

 - The shipping address information asked at check out is for payment process only (you can use credit card, PayPal, G-pay, and more at check out).

- Approximate Delivery Time: 1 - 4 Weeks (depends on how many projects I have).

* If you want exclusive rights to the loop, the price is 1K (USD) and we will create a custom order page for your exclusive loop:

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