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Loops Music Video

Loops Music Video

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Get your own professional Animation Video to make your song stand out and capture attention on Youtube and Social Media.

I'll create an awesome Music Video for your song out of my massive library of Animated Loops and background art (Example of video style at top of this page).

* You'll receive a Download Link after you purchase, which contains a BONUS Animation Pack "Patreon 2021 Bundle" with 120 Loops. 

When you order, I'll contact you directly via the email you enter at checkout.

Contact me here with subject line "Loops Music Video" for any questions:

What You'll Get

- 4K Resolution Music Video (optimized for best quality on YouTube).

- My rate for 1 minute of Custom Animation is $4,000 (USD). You'll get a stellar Animated Video built from loops for a fraction of the price of fully custom work.

I'll email you progress to make sure you're happy with the video. And we can make minor revisions, if needed.

- Your video will be ready in a month or less - an incredibly fast delivery time for video work.

- Free BONUS: Patreon 2021 Bundle - 120 LOOPS. This pack alone is $250 on my shop. You can make countless creations out of these loops!

What I Need From You

- WAV file of your song

- Max length: 4 minutes (email me first about longer songs).

*Note: If you have any key words, themes, or moods to describe the video you'd like, this can help as a starting point. You can also reference loops directly from my shop you'd like incorporated in your video.

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Video Is King

The importance of video for musicians cannot be understated.

A music video will continue to promote your music long after you’re done releasing songs or touring.

The internet is a visual place. Video is King.

You've already invested so much time and work into your music, a Loops Music Video will give your song the best chance of success and elevate your song to another level. 

Since the focus is on loops and pure motion, story narrative is limited, making this style perfect as a mood piece with the focus on exciting visuals to enhance the feeling of the song to promote your music. 

A Loops Music Video is more unique and detailed than a basic visualizer video.

Eye-popping Visuals will be edited to the feeling and tempo of your song!

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- This is a limited time service. I won't be doing these forever.

- Upon purchase, you'll receive an email from me to start your music video.

- The shipping address information asked at check out is for payment process only (you can use credit card, PayPal, G-pay, and more at check out).

- You won't receive anything in the mail. All communications and delivery of your project will be done via the EMAIL address you enter at checkout.

*Approximate delivery time: 2 - 4 Weeks

Contact me here with subject line "Loops Music Video" for any questions:



Les Claypool: “When Sean (Lennon) and I started working on the new record, I knew it would be perfect to develop and to add to the Delirium repertoire. Little did I know that Micah would take that music and put such mind-bending, warped animation to it. It reinforces my enjoyment and constant amazement of how immensely creative people sometimes interpret my words and music. Bravo.”

“A dazzling animated avalanche of psychedelic fantasies and weirdness from an unknown universe. A truly eye-catching experience”-

“A lot of animated music videos are straight-up conceptually lazy. This one starts from a far-out f****d-up perspective and then keeps finding new ways to become more f****d-up. Respect is due.” –

“Micah Buzan is an extraordinarily gifted musician and animator who hand-draws his material with an acid pencil…This video for “Look… The Sun Is Rising” by The Flaming Lips won the Video Contest. But the rest of his stuff is by no means of a lesser fibre.” – 

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