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Flipbook Hallucinations (9 Loops)

Flipbook Hallucinations (9 Loops)

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Over 1,000 hand-drawn frames of animation! Use for epic concert visuals or editing into music videos and lyric videos.

  • 1080 HD @ 24 fps

  • Formats: ProRes 422 MOV, MP4, DXV3, HAP

  • Drag & drop the loops into the video editor of your choice: Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, Resolume, VDMX, Adobe Premiere, VLC, and most other editing programs.

  • License covers you for PERSONAL & COMMERCIAL Projects: Music Videos, Streaming, Spotify Canvases, Social Media, VJ Sets and Live Performances.

  • Save time in the editing room with animated loops.

  • Save money. Animated Loops cost $79 (USD) when purchased individually on Shutterstock - get Loops for a fraction of the standard price.

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Making This VJ Pack:

I animated on 3x5 inch note cards with pens, markers, and color pencils. Then I scanned each piece of paper individually into my computer. After all the frames were imported into my animation program, I inverted the colors.

This way the white paper would be black, as the white paper is way too harsh to look at, especially on big screens for live performance. The white paper would wash out the screens in a glow. So having the paper turn black creates a more atmospheric and dreamlike state.

This inversion of the colors also meant the original colors I used to draw the art would be inverted to their opposite complimentary colors: oranges became blues, greens became reds, and so on.

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